1. When can i expect my order to be delivered?

Answer: All orders are estimated to be processed and then delivered around 7-12 business days after purchase. 

In case of uncommon logistics issues, it may take a few more business days. 

Feel safe your order is always in good hands and will make sure to be delivered safely to your address.

2. Do you ship worldwide?
Answer: Yes we ship almost everywhere in the world.

3: Do you offer same day delivery?
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not offer same day delivery.

4: I just placed my order. Can I cancel it?
Answer: Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled.

5: Can I add/remove products from my order?
Answer: Once an order is placed, it cannot be modified or edited in any form.

6: I placed an order and it was cancelled the same day. What happened?
Answer: There are a variety of reasons why your order may have been canceled. Please contact us.

7: Can I track my packages online?
Answer: You can easily track your packages online from our website.